Where are we located?Our address (also our mailing address) is:
50 E. South Temple, Suite 50
Salt Lake City UT 84111

(See parking map)We can also be contacted by phone at (801) 321-8760.Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Can I move my vehicle every two hours to avoid paying for parking at the City Creek garage?

The first two hours of parking at the City Creek garage are free to allow for convenient parking for shoppers, and other visitors to the downtown area. The 2 hour free provision is not intended to be used by employees who are parking downtown for the full day. Parkers who exit the garage and immediately re-enter may be subject to citation or impound.

What is an Easy Pay kiosk?

The Easy Pay kiosks can be found near most of the elevator or escalators in the City Creek parking garage. These kiosks allow you to pay for your parking before returning to your car, saving you time at the exit lane.

Is my monthly card good at other locations?

No, your parking is assigned to a specific location, and will give you access only to the garage you are assigned to.

What if my parking access card is lost or damaged?

You will need to come to the parking offices to be issued another parking card. There is a $10.00 card fee to replace a lost or damaged card.

What is “Nest” parking?

Nest parking is a location in a garage that can be offered at a discount. Typically in our facilities, the nest has been the upper levels in the garage. This means that you will pay a discounted rate if you are willing to park on the upper floors.

What is the difference between the Tenant and Non-tenant rate?

A Tenant would be anyone who leases property, or rents office space from City Creek Reserve Inc, Property  Reserve Inc, or Utah Property Management Associates, LLC. An authorized company signature is required on the parking application in order to qualify for the tenant rate.

Where do I purchase parking validations?

Validations can be purchased at the parking office located at 50 E. South Temple, Suite 50. Our office is open from 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday.

What is the height clearance of the City Creek Garage?