City Creek Parking Rules and Regulations

  • All parkers using any of the facilities operated by City Creek Parking agree to abide by all parking regulations pertaining to the use of the facility as may from time to time be prescribed by Utah Property Management or City Creek Parking, including, but not limited to those listed below.
  • CITY CREEK PARKING reserves the right to adjust the parking rates from time to time. CITY CREEK PARKING will make reasonable efforts to notify parkers prior to said rate adjustment.
  • Parking shall be in designated areas only. Automobiles, including motorcycles, must be parked within the painted stall and shall not extend beyond the painted lines (no double parking) and/or into the drive lanes.  Automobiles found in violation will be impounded or towed and are subject to the current impound and towing fees and applicable service charges.
  • All parking facilities are for the parking of motor vehicles only. Riding bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, or any similar vehicles is prohibited.
  • Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is prohibited in any City Creek Parking facility.
  • Parkers are responsible to observe posted speed limit and other traffic markings. Speeding or driving recklessly will result in the loss of parking privileges.
  • The following violations will result in the automobile being cited, impounded, or towed and will be subject to the current impound and towing fees and applicable service charges.
  • Parking outside of designated parking stall.
  • Unauthorized parking in a “Reserved” parking stall or limited use reserved stall.
  • Parking outside of posted time limits.
  • Unauthorized parking in a delivery parking stall.
  • Parking in an ADA stall without proper permits.
  • Parking in an Electric Vehicle Charging station stall when not charging an electric vehicle.
  • Charging an electric vehicle outside of designated Electric Vehicle stalls without a current electrical outlet attachment permit.
  • Nonpayment of parking fees.
  • Theft of services or assisting with theft of services.
  • Noncompliance of posted rules and regulations.

Additional citations and fees can be accessed by law enforcement or other legal representatives who patrol parking lots from time-to-time.

Repeat violators will be subject to the loss of all parking access rights without refund of parking fees.

  • Theft of parking services, including multiple same day use of the two hours free parking allowance at the City Creek Center, will result in an immediate impound with accompany impound fees, service fees, parking charges and may be subject to the loss of all parking access rights. Violators may be reported to local law enforcement officials.
  • All automobiles must have current state registration and must be clean and in good repair. Vehicle owners may have their parking privileges suspended pending repair of leaks or other required maintenance. Vehicles that appear abandoned will be towed or removed at the owner’s expense.
  • Parkers must immediately report all damage to City Creek Parking management or Utah Property Management’s contracted Security Company. Parkers are responsible for any damage they cause to the parking facility or its accessories. 
  • All signage in the garage will be posted and maintained by City Creek Parking. Parkers or other visitors shall not be permitted to post their own signs or to distribute any type of advertisement or other materials.
  • Parkers riding motorcycles will be subject to the same regulations as all other drivers. Motorcycles must pay the appropriate parking fees and must use their access cards or parking ticket for entry to and exit from the garage. Motorcycles driving around the parking gates will be subject to impound or towing and will be required to pay the applicable impound/towing fees and services charges. Intercom service is provided at both entry and exit to assist parkers with access problems.
  • The parker is licensed to park one vehicle at the cardholder’s risk. The licensor hereby declares it is not responsible for fire, theft, damage to, loss of such automobile or any article left therein.  Only a license is granted hereby and no bailment is created.  Owner of automobile agrees to report any damage to automobile or theft of items from automobile prior to removing the automobile from the parking facility.  Automobiles should be locked, and valuables should not be left in sight.

Additional Regulations for Access Card Holders

  • CITY CREEK PARKING grants one parking right per access card. The cardholder is required to park in their assigned area within the parking facility. 
  • Cardholders who are assigned to “Nested” areas are responsible to park in their assigned parking location at all times. Cardholders must proceed directly to and from “Nested” locations within a 5 minute timeframe.  Violators will be required to pay the posted daily rate and may lose their parking access rights.
  • CITY CREEK PARKING must have written approval from an authorized company representative in order to grant parking access within a tenant’s rights and specified rates as determined by lease agreement.
  • Parking Cardholder is responsible for all parking rental charges until written notification of cancelation is received by CITY CREEK PARKING. Cardholder will be charged a full month of parking commencing on or before the fifteenth of each month.  Parking commencing after the fifteenth of the month will be charged half of the monthly rate.
  • No refunds, credits or allowances will be granted for absence, vacation or other non-use of parking rights.
  • If the number of parkers exceed lease prescribed parking rights, CITY CREEK PARKING reserves the right to move or terminate parking privileges. CITY CREEK PARKING will make reasonable efforts to notify Cardholder(s) prior to said relocation or termination. Violation of parking regulations may result in immediate loss of parking privileges.
  • Access into and out of the parking facility shall be by card access. Cardholders who take a daily ticket upon entry will be required to pay the daily rate as posted upon exit.  Intercom service is provided at both entry and exit to assist Cardholders with access problems.
  • If Cardholder does not have their access card available upon entry, the following options are available to gain admittance into the facility: (1) Cardholder will press the Additional “Other Access Options” button on the entry column and follow the instructions for Monthly Cardholders. (2) Cardholder will press the intercom button for service and follow the instructions given by the control room operator. Card holders who repeatedly forget their access card will be required to take a ticket and pay the daily rate. (3) Cardholder may take a daily ticket and pay the daily rate upon exit. 
  • Unless otherwise specified, payment is due by the first day of each month. Non-payment will result in deactivation of access card.  A $15.00 fee per Cardholder will be assessed for reactivation.
  • Parking patron will be issued a parking access card for which there will be a $10 card fee (or applicable rates for other types of access devices) which must be paid in full before the card will be activated. This fee will not be refundable should the parking patron cancel the parking agreement. Parking patron agrees to pay the applicable non-refundable charge for replacement of lost, damaged, or stolen access devices.
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